Mt. Rainier
View from the final Class 3 climb to Mt. Williamson at 13,750 ft. The summit is an additional 300 ft.
In the far background is the entrance to Shephard's pass at 12,000 ft. Then hike Williamson Bowl for another 5 hours to get here. Then find out it is too hard to climb walls covered with snow, take a fall, then go down.
Climbing the wall to Mt. Muir to 14,019 ft. This is the last 500 ft of the climb.
Shot of the Disappointment Cleaver on the standard route to Mt. Rainier. This was shot at around 3 am from Camp Muir at 10,100 ft and you could see 6/7 climbers right at the top.
Camp on Mt. Adams. This is approximately at 9,000 ft and captured around 2:30 am.