We (me and Jon) are bored to hell. I saw this cheap $30 single rotor helicopter toy at Fry’s and bought it, with the motivation that I would some day make it into a drone. We flew it in the Klaus atrium. After it broke several Christmas decorations and itself, we searched for a more stable coaxial helicopter. We settled on the 3 Channel 9060 Overlord Double Co-Axial Helicopter from XHeli for 50 bucks :-) and 12 :-( for shipping. Anyways, it looks like this:

Coaxial Heli

It is stable. The remote control is great. You can set the power of the main rotor using the left joystick once and it remains there. Later, we also found out that it can lift approximately 110 grams of more weight.

Alongwith the heli, we bought a bunch of other stuff that we thought was useful:

  1. Arduino Pro with ATMEGA 328 (5V board)
  2. FTDI Breakout for programming
  3. Servos
  4. 2 XBee Series 2.5 with USB breakout boards


  1. Analog ADXL335 (3 axis sensors)
  2. Silicon Sensing CRS07 Gyros (11S & 13S)
  3. SHARP IR Distance Measuring Sensors
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