We participated in the Great Chair Hack competition. We decided to convert an IKEA chair into a guitar. I am an engineer: If I can’t play the guitar, damn it,  I should be able to atleast make one. We knew it would be hard to make a drum for an acoustic guitar, so we decided that we should atleast make a board for an electric guitar. We got a few strings, bridge and a few tuning pegs from the guitarcenter. We wanted to see how far we can get in 3 hours by using a hand saw, a drill machine, a vice and five unskilled carpenters.

One of our major achievements was that we decided to use the duct tape, for the guitar stand, only in the last 15 minutes. Everything else was pretty much planned and executed as well as we could. Well, we came up with this…




It did make some sound, so that’s a start. We need to do some better work on the neck (may be use a real guitar neck and not legs of a chair) and buy a pickup. Let’s see how that goes.

Here are other interesting things people designed from a chair.


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