I am currently a second year PhD student working at Georgia Tech’s Robotics and Intelligent Machines Center. I work in Henrik Christensen‘s CogRob Lab and Mike Stilman‘s Humanoid Robotics Lab.

I received my Master of Computer Science from Georgia Tech in the Spring 2009.

My current research focuses on palletizing in manufacturing and automation plants. I am also developing the open source simulator USARSim, which will be used for the VMAC at ICRA 2011. I am also working on perception systems based on a combination of camera and the MESA 3D Range sensor.

I have previously worked on various projects related to Robotics including Robocup and research in communication in multirobots for planning, perception and machine learning to learn vehicle detection for autonomous systems.

My talk on Planning in Logistics from PerMIS 2010.

Check out the Golem Krang robot from Humanoids Lab @ GT.


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